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What is a Virtual Assistant?
A Virtual Assistant (or VA) is an independent contractor who provides administratinve support services from his or her own office.  Those services can run a broad range and each VA typically has his or her own specialty.

Why Would I Hire a VA?

Simply stated, VAs offer a cost-savings that many people are unaware of.  While their hourly rate may appear high, they come to the table having already saved the client from a costly outlay for additional office space, computer equipment, and other resources.  Additionally, since the VA is an independent contractor, the client is saved from other employer/employee expenses like taxes, health insurance, vacation time, and sick leave.  The client pays for only the time worked by the VA and loses none of the VA's productivity due to breaks, meals, or socializing.

What Can You Do for Me?
On our Services Page, you will find a partial list of our offerings.  If you don't see anything there that prompts you feel to call and inquire.  But before you do, take a moment and think about how you spend your day, the tasks that eat up your time, the things that don't generate revenue for you.  Now, thinking of those things, ask yourself, "Do I need to do it?  Or does it just need to get done?"  Anything that falls into that second category may well be something you could hand off to the Cavalry!